Tallahatchie Valley Electric Power Association was formed more than 60 years ago for the purpose of providing superior electric service to its members. TVEPA’s management and staff still see the goal of providing superior service as one of the primary missions of the electric cooperative. Here is a synopsis of the specialized services that TVEPA offers in addition to its primary service of keeping your lights on.

  • Green Power Switch® – TVA and participating local public power companies, working with input from the environmental community, have created a program called Green Power Switch to produce electricity from renewable sources and add it to the Tennessee Valley’s power mix. Click here for more information.
  • Weatherization – Our experts will be happy to offer their recommendation on such items as insulation and other weatherization steps that you can take to make your home as energy-efficient as possible.
  • Security Lighting – We would also like to offer a reminder of the importance of outside lights as you address security and safety issues for your home. You will find that security lighting offers you peace of mind for a minimal monthly cost.
  • Golden Advantage – In order to assist members who may be on a fixed income and would prefer to pay their bills on the 5th of the month, Tallahatchie Valley offers the Golden Advantage program. This service is for member-owners aged 62 or older. The account must be in the name of the person who is applying, they should have a good pay rating and will be asked to show proof of fixed retirement income.
  • Levelized Billing – Levelized Billing allows you to plan your budget ahead of time eliminating your monthly guesswork.  Under the Levelized Billing Plan, your monthly cost is determined by averaging your recent 12 months of electric bills.  This produces an average that eliminates the seasonal variations in your bills and results in a a more consistent dollar amount each month of the year.  Only residential members qualify and the account must be in the name of the person applying. The member must own his or her residence and must have been at this residence for at least 12 months. The account must also have a good pay rating. Levelized Billing must be paid by bank draft.
  • Bank Draft – For members who do not want to worry about having to write a check for their monthly payment, Tallahatchie Valley offers to draft on your bank account for the amount of your bill each month. Using this service relieves you of the worry of having to pay your bill each month or paying a late charge if the payment is past the due date. It also saves on the cost of stamps, envelopes, and checks. All the worry is gone. Your bill will continue to be mailed on the regular date, all you have to do is record the amount of the bill in your checkbook. Tallahatchie Valley takes care of the rest.
  • Heat Pump Program – For qualified homeowners, Tallahatchie Valley in conjunction with the Tennessee Valley Authority, offers a loan program for homeowners wishing to install a new, energy-efficient heat pump system. The payment is simply added to your monthly electric bill.

These services represent a sampling of the ways that TVEPA is here to serve you. For more information about any of our programs or services, just call TVEPA at (662) 563-4742, and one of our customer service representatives will be glad to assist you.