Welcome to Tallahatchie Valley Electric Power Association, the electric cooperative that offers low rates, superior service, and a strong commitment to the communities we serve. In order for us to begin serving you as effeciently as possible, we ask that new members provide the following information.

  •  I.D. – Please show positive identification (must be a picture i.d. such as a valid driver’s license or state identification card and a social security card.)
  • Apply in Person – The person who is responsible for payment of the account should apply in person.
  • Trailer Registration – If you are requesting service for a manufactured home or “trailer”, state law requires you to provide us a copy of your “trailer registration”.
  • Fee Payment – Fees include $20 for membership, $30 for connection, and deposit if applicable, and any delinquent bills owed to TVEPA (if applicable), or other fees.
  • Proof of Ownership – You will be asked to show a rental authorization or proof of ownership for your property.
  • City Inspection/County Permit – In the city limits of Batesville and where applicable, we are required to see a city electrical inspection slip.  In the county – a county permit may be required.
  • Mailing Address – You are required to provide a valid mailing address. An E-911 address is mandatory.
  • Driving Directions – Exact driving directions will be needed in some cases in order for us to expedite your service request.
  • Security Light – If there is an existing security light, do you wish for it to be activated? If there is no existing security light, please indicate if you wish to have one installed for a small monthly lease fee. If you are renting, the property owners must approve the installation of your security light or lights.
  • Meter Number – If possible, please provide the meter number (numbers stamped on small metal plate inside meter glass) for existing properties.